Stomprite Management/Entertainment’s an artist focused and driven multi-music Canadian company that aims for global brand recognition. With our offices in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We work with up and coming artists destined for success. Providing sound fundamentals for your career in the competitive music industry. Then prepare to enjoy personal relationships with team members, who work on your project. As well as to benefit immensely from the skills and resources from a highly professional team.

Our company currently handles, supports and promotes all businesses related to;








and Blues genre in the music industry. While continually providing support, local/global networking and services for our impressive artist roster.

Stomprite* has applied experience in administration, management, studio recordings, radio campaigns, technical support, graphic artwork, contract negotiations, special events, consulting, public relations, marketing, and luxury hotel entertainment. Stomprite* also provides customized and value added services to its talent base, that would be out of the reach and price range of most mid to upper level independent artists. For private consultation and consideration contact Stomprite Management at 905 949 4616 and via email at [email protected].

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