4 Unique Ideas To Promote Your Music

4 Unique Ideas To Promote Your Music

Blog : April 30th, 2013

Beyond the typical email list, press kit, social media networking, real world networking, hanging fliers for the next gig, etc., a world of more fun and unique promotional opportunities do exist.

Ryan Hanifl and Jason Achilles Mezilis of punk rock band, Black Belt KARATE kicking out some live jams.

Here are four added promo ideas outside the norm worth exploring:

1. Local Morning TV Shows

Every city or region has its own local TV news broadcasts (like eTalk CTV, CP24 Breakfast Television or Breakfast Television) and in the morning they have hours of time to fill beyond the hard news slot at the top of each hour. Producers are always looking for the local angle to fill the gaps whenever the Today Show and Good Morning America aren’t feeding in. This is where you come in. If you’ve watched enough of these shows you’ll notice they’re constantly plugging local events and acts. Offer to play live in the studio to promote your upcoming festival gig. You may not be a morning person, but morning people are a great, alert audience to play to.

2.  Go Old School

The ’90s are considered a period of quaint nostalgia now, a time when the economy was good, DIY acts released cassette tapes and licked stamps to put on postcards and newsletters to send out. While releasing something on cassette might not be the best idea anymore, an actual newsletter that people would receive via the U.S. Postal Service would definitely gain you some attention. People love getting something besides junk mail and bills in their mailbox.  Of course, this could be cost prohibitive, but consider it a loss leader, as a novelty for targeted press contacts and the most ardent fans on your email list. The trick, of course, is getting all those real world mailing addresses.

Music promotion

3. Beyond T-shirts and Bumper Stickers

Sure, you need these traditional merchandise items, but think outside the box for other items that fit your act. Do tie-ins with local companies. If you’re known as a party music act, release a series of drink coasters and bottle openers. Get the coasters placed in local pubs. If you’re part of a old time folk or bluegrass act, sell your own brand of toothpicks; a country club act, golf tees; whatever, you get the picture. The
possibilities are endless. Brainstorm with others on novelty merchandise items for your genre.

4.  Let Your Fans Do It For You

These days, with a multitude of social networking platforms and sharing apps, your existing fan base could be your best promotional tool. Get them to be creative with apps like Vine and make their own short videos to share online. Encourage the recording of your shows and reward the fans who post the best looking and sounding video or audio recordings with perks like free admissions to shows.

Maybe some of these ideas will work for you, maybe not. Perhaps you could refit some of them to suit your style. Let us know some of the creative ways you’ve marketed your act.

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