Artists & Musicians: Helpful Twitter Tips To Get You Noticed

Artists & Musicians: Helpful Twitter Tips To Get You Noticed

Blog : September 30th, 2014

Being a musician, you have one fantastic advantage over everyone else: you can make music. And if people take time out to listen, jam with you or even shell-out to watch you doing it in a dingy venue, how hard can it really be to attract an audience on Twitter?  Here are a few helpful tips to get you going in the right direction.

1. Don’t post the same link or update repeatedly. Try to mix up what you post with various updates. If you need to announce something more than once, make sure you have a few different posts in between.

2. Don’t follow or unfollow a lot of people in any one sitting. It comes across as spammy. Try to connect with people with which you actually have a reason to connect with. Build your Twitter connections naturally.

3. Please don’t overuse or abuse hashtags. You only need a couple per update (that means two). Any more than that make the post illegible.

4. Make sure that you’re actually posting and sharing quality content. Don’t post updates about what you’re eating or your cat. Make sure that what your posts are actually things your audience would be interested in reading.

5. Don’t connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Create unique posts that cater to each platform separately. We know it’s more convenient to sync the two, but it’s tacky and you should invest more time and thought into your audience.

6. Interact! Don’t just post updates about yourself and your music. Respond to tweets posted by others, thank people for retweeting you and talk about things that you find interesting (like maybe an article you read).

7. Don’t over promote yourself. I know that I mentioned this a bit in the last tip, but I’m going to reiterate it. Only promoting yourself is a bad thing. Share updates about things other than what you’re doing and your music.

8. If you made a typo in your update, take it down immediately and fix it.

9. Don’t forget to use it to promote (but once again, not just for that). If you write a blog post, release a single or have a show coming up, make sure you post about it. Buffer and Hootsuite are a great way to schedule tweets and space out updates that may be about the same thing.

10. Retweet tweets about your music or performances and then send a tweet to the person saying thanks.

11. Link to your Twitter account from your website and other social accounts. Make sure that your fans that use Twitter know you have an account.

12. If possible, use proper grammar. It’s somewhat difficult when you’re limited to 140 characters, but do it if you can.

13. Make sure your website is in your Twitter bio.

14. Make sure that your Twitter photo is the same as the one you use for your other social profiles (Facebook, YouTube, Google+, etc.). That way people can easily find you on multiple networks.

15. If you want something you post retweeted, make sure you let your followers know that’s your intent. They can’t read your mind.

16. Let your personality come across. It’s easier for your followers to connect with you that way.

17. Take part in Twitter chats.

18. Tap into your fans’ Twitter audiences by trade a song in exchange for a tweet. For the price of a tweet, fans get a free song.

19. Share photos. Twitter Tips To Get You Ahead On Twitter




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