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Blog : December 29th, 2010

A career in music can be fun and exciting, with the added benefit of possible fame, fortune and success. The easiest way to have a successful music career is to sign a contract, or record deal, with a successful and experienced recording company. Getting a record deal is not exactly easy; thousands of musicians are hoping to be discovered by record companies, and the competition is stiff. The Internet provides some unique and alternative resources to help talented musicians get noticed by the press, music producers and record companies — all of which can lead to a record deal.

Record Your Music

Record a demo and a video of your best work. If you realistically intend to sign a record deal, you need to have samples of your songs that you can easily send to the press and record companies. If you do not have the funds to film your own music video, have a friend film one of your live performances or even just you performing your best song in front of the camera. Create a version with the original resolution for a high quality copy and optimize another version for uploading to the web.

Professional Photos

Have professional photos taken of yourself or your group to use on your website, blog or social network profiles. If you cannot afford to hire a professional photographer, recruit a friend who is talented with a camera to do it for you. Make sure your photos represent your style and convey the overall ambiance of your music. Creating an overall image will help you sell yourself to record companies and will give your fans an idea of who you are.

Use Social Networks

Create a musician profile on websites like Myspace. Social networks that allow musicians to create profiles are an easy way to reach new fans and get your music out there for people to hear. Most social networks that feature musicians allow you to post photos, videos and audio clips, plus information about you or your group, tour dates or anything else you want to include. Social network music profiles are an option for those who do not have the budget to create their own website.

Post Videos Online

Post your video on sites like YouTube, Reverbnation and DailyMotion. Online video websites receive millions of hits on a daily basis, and posting your videos on these sites will significantly increase your chances of discovery. All you need is for one video to take off online, and you will probably be contacted by a record company without having to ask.  Increase your online music presence today!


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