THANK YOU VERY MUCH, TINA WILSON (Global Entertainment Mag)

Blog : August 23rd, 2010

Dearest Tina,

We are taking timeout to humbly and graciously say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your love and support. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE the sub domain ( you have created for us from your main site. You have been a true supporter since our Facebook profile was launched a few months ago, found ALL of our web links, our artists’ info and everything about Stomprite Management/Entertainment, compiled it ALL and designed a website for us without any of our input. It is EXACTLY the way we would want it to appear, Tina, we would not change a thing!! Maaaan, your actions are HUMUNGOUS, we’re soooo SUPER happy and excited, we LOVE YOU and APPRECIATE this awesome gesture very, very much!!

The Stomprite Management Team.

Tina Wilson Info

For more than two (2) years Tina Wilson of Global Entertainment Mag (former employee of HMTV) has been doing interviews for bands worldwide, engineers, live sounds, technicians, actors and models. She chose the name Global Entertainment Mag to go solo as she is not limited to interviewing bands only. All of her management company is now based in Toronto, Canada. Tina is also in school for fulltime studies pursuing a nursing degree. You ROCK, Tina, we wish you all the best in everything you want to do, God Bless You. We thank you immensely again, we STOMPRITE Or Don’t Stomp At All!!

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