Toronto Youth Day Press Conference: GOLDEN Gives Back And Performs

Blog : July 10th, 2011

International recording artist, Golden aka The Carolina King as mentor at the 2011 Toronto Youth Day Press Conference….

How do you see yourself as a mentor, what do you do to try and impact younger kids trying to make it?
“Sure, Im definitely a mentor to the younger crowd as they ask me all the times how do I do what I do, I explain and help them in varied ways from lending a listening ear, sitting with them, finding out the important things in their lives, empowering them to the different stages of songwriting, engineering and recording music for the industry.
-Working as a producer/engineer for a recording studio has enabled me to meet many youths, as I mentioned Im very close to the younger generation, I love to help them as theyre very important, theyre going to make the huge difference tomorrow so I enjoy helping to make sure theyre well grounded.
-I love and am passionate about being a musician, but the best part of being a true artist is being able to give back, to serve everyone, especially the youths of today, its one of the most powerful tools anyone could have, they look up to me so its a great feeling for me.” -Golden

What advice can you give to the younger generation?
“I know its very hard, but you have to try and stay grounded, try to seek a role model and emulate that person, put in a lot of work, work triple hard, your image is also very important, you have to be accountable for who you are and what you want to represent, people treat you the way you treat yourself and everything else adds on to that, dont give up! I will also try my best to be there for you as well, through my music or otherwise, find me on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reverbnation or just google Golden, I cant wait to hear from you, stay up and focus!!!! I only hope my music inspires change, creativity and positivity!!” -Golden

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