Vancouver, Canada Hip Hop Beef Going Down – Snak The Ripper vs Madchild

Vancouver, Canada Hip Hop Beef Going Down – Snak The Ripper vs Madchild

Blog : November 22nd, 2015

So, apparently theres a beef going on with Madchild and Snak The Ripper, two of Vancouver, Canada’s prolific rappers.

After BAXWAR general’s Madchild made mention of Snak The Ripper via Twitter, tweeting “Snak the rippers name should be Snak the loud mouth piece of shit talking punk bitch…There, I got that off my chest” Snak has fired back with a diss track titled “Assisted Suicide.”

While Madchild has been a vocal supporter of Snak and the Stompdown Killaz, there is no indication on what Snak initially did or said to piss Madchild off. Wasting no time on his retaliation, the track has Snak making clear mention of the tweet, how it was deleted after two minutes and how Madchild called right away to apologize. Snak also backs up the humble apology up by including Mad’s voicemail at the end of the track.

The name “Assisted Suicide” speaks for itself as Snak spits hateful bars on Madchild’s TeamBackpack disaster, his hidden drug-use and showing him up on his own track – alongside a long list of other well executed disses. Ouch.

snak the ripper

Waging a nasty battle on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, Madchild responds with “The Funeral” accompanied by nothing but a crudely photoshopped image of Snak the Ripper sitting in a coffin. Madchild takes aim at the younger MC’s drinking, bathing habits, and takes a shot or two at his girlfriend.


Snak the Ripper immediately fired back with “Child Abuse.”  And, holy shit, the MC is pulling no punches this time, the track accompanied by another high-quality video.  “Child Abuse” shoots down Madchild’s claims that “Assisted Suicide” was in the can for months, with Ripper waiting for the right time to release it. As Snak stands on a junkyard car with a baseball bat, he announces, “Well guess what motherfucker—here’s another one in 24 hours or less. I work 10 times faster than you motherfucker.”

What follows is an MC who is clearly going no-hold-barred hard for the knockout punch in the fight. Snak the Ripper takes shots at Madchild for snapping selfies with his “Madonna lips”, suggests the beef is Wee-Man vs. He-Man, and accuses him of smearing peanut butter on his “vag” for his dog to lick off.

Opening with the proclamation, “The man to beat me hasn’t been born yet,” “Fatal Attraction” addresses every allegation Snak makes about Madchild in “Child Abuse,” from Snak’s claims that he’s still using drugs to the fact that he’s due to retire.

Woven among some not-so-subtly worded death threats, he goes on to tell Snak to “check [his] estrogen” and references the hype made over Snak’s video for “Child Abuse”, saying “Trying to steal my enterprise like it’s Star Trek/Perfect video, that diss was a car wreck”.

Near the end of the track, Madchild tries to come out as the good guy by bringing up their young fans on more than one occasion, citing them as the reason for his apology voicemail: “That apology was for the children/and the movements that we both worked so hard to build with/’Cause I don’t want to see kids fighting over a rap war/Not Stompdown Killaz and not Baxwar”.

But by the last few seconds of the track, all bets are off. Madchild doesn’t forget Snak’s refusal to participate in a rap battle for charity—as proposed in “The Funeral”—and ends the diss by calling Snak a pussy.

It’s clear that neither MC is ready to back down. Snak has responded to Madchild’s accusations about not participating in a battle for charity, citing Stompdown Killaz involvement with other charitable activities.

After a brief period where all was relatively quiet on the West Coast rap front, another bomb has been dropped. Right after Madchild took his best shot at Snak the Ripper with the diss track “Fatal Attraction”, Snak the Ripper has given notice he’s determined to get the last word in. Pay attention to the end of his third Madchild diss track, “Triple Homicide,” and you might catch the line “I ain’t gonna stop until your ass is in an urn.”

As for the accompaning video, get set for scenes of torture by urination, implied bestiality, and the site of a coke-dusted Madchild impersonator who comes complete with facial tattoos and a baseball cap with Sadchild stitched on it.

Madchild, meanwhile, looks like he’s decided he’s got better things to do than go tit-for-tat with Snak the Ripper until 2021. This is what he had to say on Twitter:

Do you think the beef is finally over between Madchild and Snak The Ripper?

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